UPLBFI launches improved website

UPLBFI launches improved website

The UPLB Foundation, Inc. (UPLBFI) launched in June 2011 an improved website  www.uplbfi.org in recognition of the capacities of the Internet to extend information and services. The improved website features a new layout, contents, and features for ease of access and use.

The website’s new lay-out displays an easily recognizable background featuring vivid pictures from UP Los Baños and other partners of UPLBFI. Its well constructed page tabs enable the users to easily navigate the website’s content.

Highlighted contents include the fields of expertise, services, projects, and partners of UPLBFI. Also, clients can now browse the latest news, announcements, and list of on-going projects.

Among the new features is the ‘Document Template’ tab for clients to easily download templates of forms or documents (e.g., Memorandum of Agreement, cash advance, project appointment). Another is the ‘Publication and Reports’ page wherein the published books of the organization ‘UPLB Centennial Book’ and ‘Management of Colleges and Universities’ are showcased. Also in this tab is the downloadable ‘UPLBFI Triennial Report: 2005-2008’ which covers the progress of the organization in recent years.

Meanwhile, the office in encouraging project teams to submit project-related articles to be featured in the website. Articles may be news, features, reports, photos etc.

UPLBFI is also working on a program to be integrated in the website that will allow project leaders and staff to inquire of updates on the status of their funds. (AFBJamias)

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