DOWNLOAD Lists of On-going Projects as of January 31, 2011

Having completed over 5,000 projects, UPLBFI has developed a full range of project expertise covering every possible phase of project from initial planning to post implementation. We have the full capacity to research, plan, manage, monitor and evaluate projects as well as to advise how to operate and finance the project on a sustainable basis. It has established itself well in such areas as program planning, managing, monitoring and evaluation; conducting socio-economic studies; identifying and exploring viable agribusiness ventures; providing information on strategic issues and areas of agroforestry activities; and others, particularly focusing on the rural and agricultural sectors.

The numerous action projects, training and research programs conducted the UPLBFI experts have benefited local and international educational and rural development institutions, governments, agricultural training centers and individuals.

UPLBFI has over 30 years of experience in carrying out R&D projects in the fields of science and technology. In recent years too, UPLBFI has extended technical assistance and support to several private clients in the country on collaborative research and development projects.