Project Administration

  • Financial Administration
  • Grants Administration

Consulting Services

  • Research
    • Physical;
    • Biological; and
    • Sociological
  • Training Programs
  • Consultancies
    • Project Design and Development; Project Implementation; Projects Monitoring Analysis and Evaluation; Research, Organizational, and Project Management; Resources Management; Technological and Environmental Assessments; Species Identification; Feed Formulation; Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • Surveys
    • Ecological;
    • Sociological;
    • Topographical;
    • Soil;
    • Agricultural and Forest Resources;
    • Crop and Animal Disease Surveillance
  • Veterinary
    • Veterinary Ambulatory Service;
    • Farm Assistance;
    • Technical Design and Instrumentation
  • Information Dissemination and Extension
    • Education and Training;
    • Media Design and Production;
    • Design and Implementation of Extension and Communication Programs
  • Statistical and Computer Applications
    • Software Design and Development;
    • Data Processing and Analysis
  • Diagnostic and Chemical Analysis
    • Plant and Animal Diseases; Soil, Food and Feed Analysis; Laboratory Examination.


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