Technical Writing for Publication in Journals and for Presentation

technical writing book

Ofelia K. Bautista, PhD; Adjunct Professor, UPLB
Teresita L. Rosario, PhD; Professor Emeritus, UPLB
Roberto K. Bautista, Jr., Dip. C.P.

The authors are also Trainors on Technical Writing for Refereed Journals and for Presentation

•Step-by-step instructions for writing and presenting scientific papers
•Practical dos and don’ts to build up skills in writing technical articles
•Conversational writing style
•Presentation of techniques in writing straightforward, easy to understand and to follow
•Numerous examples to fully convey a given concept or idea
•Includes Guidelines for Authors of some international journals
•232 pages; size: 6X9 inches

•University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) and
•UPLB Foundation, Inc. (UPLBFI)

Available at:
•AgriBookstore, International House Complex, UPLB Campus
•UPLBFI Bookstore, A. Aglibut St., UPLB Campus

Price: PhP 380.00 each copy