Veterinary Medicine

Prominent Projects

  • Prophylactic Efficacy of Cocci-Guard and Salimonyin in Broiler Chickens Experimentally Infected With Mixed Species of Eimeria
  • Comparison of the Chemotherapeutic Effects of Ivermectin (Ivercen-10) and Levamisole/Cypermethrin (Levamisiole/Cymbush) Against Ectoparasites and Endoparasites of Dairy Cattle
  • Efficacy Studies on Some Drugs for the Control of Chicken Ecto- and Endoparasites
  • Short Course in Microbiology
  • Animal health Technician Training
  • Swine Health Course
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Techniques
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point


Veterinary Anatomy

Veterinary Physiology

Veterinary Parasitology

Veterinary Microbiology

Veterinary Pathology

Veterinary Public Health

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