Public Affairs

“…for the furtherance of public interest for the common good.”

Executing Units

  • Agricultural Credit and Cooperative Institute
  • Institute of Agrarian and Rural Development Studies
  • Institute of Community Education
  • Institute of Development Management and Governance
  • Institute of Strategic Planning and Policy Studies

Prominent Projects

  • Land transfers, Leasing and Mortgaging in Agrarian Villages in the Province of Laguna and Quezon
  • Multi-Cluster Indicator Survey of Aurora Province
  • Data Administration and SPSS Programming of ADB-Assisted Sixth Road Project Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan
  • Capacity Building for Operationalizing a Rural Resource Management Plan Performance Monitoring Indicators System
  • Towards the Determination of the Lease Rental for Lands in Commercial Farm Production under CARP


  • Agrarian Studies
  • Agriculture Education
  • Community Development
  • Cooperative Management
  • Extension Education
  • Public Administration
  • Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Public Policy
  • Rural Finance
  • Strategic Planning