Forestry and Natural Resources

Executing Units

  • Forestry Development Center (FDC)
  • Training Center for Tropical Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability (TREES)
  • Department of Forest Products and Paper Science
  • Institute of Renewable Natural Resources (IRNR)
  • Institute of Agroforestry
  • Department of Forest Biological Sciences
  • Department of Social Forestry and Forest Governance
  • Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems (MCME)

Prominent Projects

  • Levelling the Playing Field: Fair Partnership for Local Development to Improve the Forest Sustainability in Southeast Asia
  • International Conference on tropical Forest and Climate Change: “Carbon Sequestration and Clean Development Mechanism”
  • Training on Methodologies in Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Local Communities
  • An Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability in the Watershed Areas and Communities in Southeast Asia
  • Rapid Biodiversity Assessment of Greater Sipit Watershed of Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve
  • Watershed Research and Development Support Project for the Kaliwa Watershed
  • Inventory of the Biodiversity Resources, Wildlife Fauna, Insects and Fungi within 100 hectare Portion of the La Mesa Watershed
  • Ecosystem and People: The Philippine Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) Sub-Global Assessment
  • Improved Management of the Angat, IPO, Umiray and La Mesa Watersheds in Luzon: A Contingent Valuation Study


  • Forestry and the Natural Environment
    • Rehabilitation of Degraded Lands and Plantation Development
    • Environmental Forestry
    • Biodiversity, Protected Areas, Mangroves, and Wetlands Conservation
    • Urban Forestry
  • Forestry and Poverty Eradication
    • Community-Based Forestry
    • Management of Residual Forest and Non-timber Forest Products
    • Bio-resource Utilization and Enterprise Development
  • Forestry and Food Security, Nutrition and Health
    • Forestry and Agricultural Productivity
    • Forestry and Nutrition and Health
  • Conservation and Development of Makiling Forest Reserve