Development Communication

…is the art and science of human communication linked to a society’s planned transformation from a state of poverty to one of socio-economic growth that makes for greater equity and larger unfolding individual potential. – Quebral, 1991

Prominent Projects

  • Implementation of the Isang Bagsak in Southeast Asia
  • International Training Course on Communication for Rights-Based Programming Strategies
  • Production of Training Manual on Capacity Building of Women Communicators to Promote Environmental Awareness and Conservation
  • Information and Communication for Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Agriculture
  • Private Emission Testing Centers (PETC) Investors’ Forum
  • Training Course on Video Production and Computer Graphics for S&T Materials Packaging
  • International Training Course on Radio News and Presentation Techniques


  • Communication Impact in the Context of Social, Economic, Political, and Cultural Development
  • Participatory Communication Approaches
  • Field Testing and Evaluation of New Communication Technologies for Rural and Agricultural Development
  • Evaluation of Communication Materials
  • Science and Technology Information Flows
  • Communication and Institutional Policies
  • Testing and Evaluation of Distance Learning Systems
  • State of Public Opinion on Strategic Development Issues
  • Extension Communication Approaches

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