Agriculture and Rural Development

Prominent Projects

  • Rapid Assessment of the Impact of Agrarian Reform Communities Development Project
  • Sugarcane Variety Improvement in Southeast Asia and the Pacific for Enhanced and SUstainable Productivity
  • Introduction, Evaluation, and Adoption of Improved Land Races of Banana for Food and Income Alleviation
  • DAR-ARISP II Volunteerism Project for Agricultural Development in Agrarian Reform Communities
  • Roving Coco-husk Decorticator for the Poor Coconut Farmers in Less Accessible Areas
  • Support to Soybean Seed Production
  • Assessment of the Effectiveness and Benefits of Using Clean Planting Material Technology in Improving the Yield and Quality of Sweet Potato in Central Luzon
  • Technical Support System and Capability Building for the High Value Commercial Crops Program
  • Banana and Citrus Production and Disease Management Training
  • Generation of Variability in Avocado Through Somaclonal Variation and in Vitro Mutation
  • Effects of Mycofix Plus New on the Growth Performance of Pigs Fed Mycotoxincs-contaminated Diets
  • Development of Appropriate Cultural Management and Postharvest Handling Practices to Improve Yield and Quantity of Selected Medicinal Plant Species
  • Acclimatization and Ex-Vitro Seedling Establishment of Tissue Cultured Derived Coconut
  • Development of Advanced Technologies for Germplasm Conservation of Tropical Fruit Species – Cirtrus


Animal Science



Crop Protection

Plant Breeding

Soil Science

Agricultural Extension

Agricultural Economics

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